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If you need advice on what to do once a loved one has died in terms of how to manage their estate and legal affairs, complete our online form or contact us on the telephone number 00353 1 213 5940.

Amorys Solicitors LLP

Wills, Probate & Trusts Department

Our experienced lawyers handle all aspects of wills, probates, the administration of estates and probate litigation in all parts of Ireland. In particular, our solicitors have wide experience in the administration of cross border estates and in dealing with local and offshore trusts and international taxation issues.

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    Applying for a Grant of Representation

    When a person dies, somebody needs to act as the representative of their estate with a view to distributing their assets to the persons entitled to them. This process usually involves the Executor(s) named in the will applying for a Grant of Probate or where there is no will, a next of kin to the deceased applying for Letters of Administration.
    All applications must be filed at the Probate Office, First Floor, 15/25 Phoenix Street North, Smithfield, Dublin 7.

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      Where there is a Valid Will

      If there is a valid will, the Executor(s) of the Will can apply for a Grant of Probate. If however, the named Executor cannot or will not apply for a Grant of Probate, an application can be made by another person for Letters of Administration with the Will Annexed.

      Where there is No Will

      If the deceased person did not make a valid will, the High Court can issue a Grant of Letters of Administration usually to the next of kin such as a spouse or a child. Where there is no Will, the deceased’s assets are distributed according to the rules of intestacy which are set out below.

      Rules of Intestacy:

      If the deceased is survived by

      • spouse/civil partner but no children – spouse/civil partner gets the entire estate
      • spouse/civil partner and children – spouse/civil partner gets two-thirds of the estate, the remaining one-third of the estate is divided equally between children (if a child has already died his/her children take a share)
      • parents, no spouse/civil partner and no children – estate divided equally to both parents or entirely to one parent if only one survives.
      • Children and no spouse/civil partner – the estate is divided equally between deceased’s children (as above)
      • brothers and sisters only – the estate is divided equally between the deceased’s siblings. The children of a pre-deceased sibling are entitled to receive that sibling’s share of the estate in equal shares
      • nieces and nephews only – the estate is divided equally between those surviving the deceased
      • other relatives – divided equally between nearest equal relationship
      • no relatives – the state (Ireland)

      Challenging a Will

      Sometimes a will can be challenged. This usually happens when a dependent of the deceased has been left out of the will or has been left an insufficient inheritance. If you wish to challenge a will or defend a will that is being challenged you will require advice from a probate litigation lawyer.

      Our solicitors represent clients in both straight forward probate applications and inheritance dispute litigation. Time limits apply in probate and litigation matters, so do not delay in seeking legal advice.

      Contact us now to ensure you avoid the many potential pitfalls that may arise on the journey to the distribution of a deceased’s estate.

      Cross-border and International Tax Issues

      In this day and age cases frequently involve cross border and international taxation issues. It is also quite common to find that the affairs of a deceased family member have a connection to complex offshore trusts which can require particular expert advice.

      Our experienced team has represented many clients in large and complicated estate with multi-jurisdictional legal and taxation issues.

      Agency Services


      Amorys Solicitors LLP can also provide agency services for non-residents such as:

      • Property and Share Valuations; and
      • Searches for missing wills, forgotten assets and lost beneficiaries.

      If you need advice in relation to any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us on +353 (0)1 213 5940

      Lawyers Association Worldwide /L.A.W.

      Sharon Scally Solicitor and Founding Partner

      Sharon Scally

      Solicitor and Founding Partner

      Phone: +353 (0)1 213 5940


      The managing partner of our firm, Sharon Scally is a founder member of Lawyers Association Worldwide (“L.A.W.”), an association which has grown from a very small informal grouping in 1989 to a professionally run organisation with more than 100 members in over 50 countries worldwide ( As a result of this network, our professional staff have developed broad expertise in dealing with clients including executors and beneficiaries, lawyers and tax advisers, from multiple jurisdictions including Cyprus, Jersey, Isle of Man, Turks and Caicos, Switzerland the United Kingdom and the United States.

      We Are Accredited For Our Work

      We adhere to the highest of professional standards expected by our clients and strive to provide a first class service at all times at a competitive cost.

      Finalist Irish Law Awards 2018Finalist Irish Law Awards 2018
      Member of the Dublin Solicitors Bar AssociationMember of the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association
      Member of Law Society of IrelandMember of Law Society of Ireland
      Member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide Member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide

      Amorys Solicitors

      Wills, Probate & Trust Department

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      Phone: +353 (0)1 213 5940

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        Probate Lawyers Team Profile - Brian Kirwan

        Brian Kirwan


        Brian qualified as a Solicitor in 2016 and has acquired extensive experience in the area of probate litigation. Brian is particularly experienced in the area of challenging wills in circumstances where a deceased individual has failed in his/her moral duty towards their children.

        Probate Lawyers Team Profile - Deirdre Farrell

        Deirdre Farrell


        Since qualifying as a solicitor in 2012 Deirdre has advised personal representatives and beneficiaries in relation to the administration and distribution of both resident and non-resident estates and related disputes. Deirdre is a tutor on the Law Society of Ireland Probate & Tax PPC 1 course for trainee solicitors.

        Probate Lawyers Team Profile - Sharon Scally

        Sharon Scally

        Founding Partner

        Sharon has particular experience advising personal representatives, beneficiaries and trustees in relation to trust and estate disputes with an international aspect. Sharon has been directly involved as adviser in a number of reported High Court cases relating to testamentary capacity and trust issues.

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